1. Contract

The Contract will be considered definitively formed only after the sending to the Customer
of the written confirmation of acceptance of the order by e-mail.

For Services giving rise to the establishment of a preliminary estimate, the Contract will not be considered
as definitive after :

2. Express validation in writing of the quotation by the Customer by email
3. send the Customer the written confirmation of acceptance of the order by email.

Quotes prepared by CELINE TRANSLATION & INTERPRETING are valid for 90 days.

Orders following a quotation are only considered as being final by CELINE TRANSLATION & INTERPRETING
after payment by Customers and actual receipt by CELINE TRANSLATION & INTERPRETING of the advance payment
required in the context of such orders.The order on quotation is considered definitive only after the payment
by the Client and the actual collection of the deposit required by CELINE TRANSLATION & INTERPRETING in
the frame of this command.

2. Contents and Rates

⋅ Option Translations :

Contents :
full translation of the document
correction of spelling and grammar mistakes
the document’s final page layout.

Rates :
0,06 € per word (around 13 € per page for 225 words). Free quote. Possibility of a free translation test
(150 words maximum, only one language combination, offer reserved for new customers).

⋅ Option Rewiew and correction of texts in French :

Content :
Correction of spelling and grammar mistakes
Checking of the layout and improvement of it if necessary

Rates :
0,04 € per word (around 9 € per page for 225 words). Free quote.

⋅ Word Counting: :
If the document is in Word format, you can directly read the number of words in the status bar at the bottom left of the window.

⋅ Express Translation :
If you will be charged of an additional 25% per word.

3. Means of payment and deadlines :

⋅ Means of payment :

– Bank transfer
– Paypal.

⋅ Payment deadlines :

– Payment in 2 times: First payment in the middle and the rest at the end of the translation or correction.

4. Formats of translations accepted :

– Word
– Excel
– Powerpoint
– Linux file format

5. Collection of personal information :

The information that you give us when requesting a quotation or information by e-mail, are for administrative
processing only and Advertising for your request. We point out that you have the right to access, modify, correct
and delete data Article 34 of the Law “Computing and Freedom ” of 6 January 1978)

To exercise this right, please contact :